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Last updated at 10 a.m. on April 14, 2021.
Of the medical patients admitted to the hospital, 7 patients are either confirmed for COVID-19 or a person under investigation (PUI) for COVID-19. 

Updated State of Maryland COVID-19 Statistics can be viewed at: https://coronavirus.maryland.gov/

CalvertHealth Medical Group Restricts Visitation

At CalvertHealth Medical Group, our top priority is the health and well-being of our patients, employees and the community that we serve. As we continue to take proactive measures and monitor the emerging situation with Coronavirus or COVID-19, CalvertHealth Medical Group is not permitting visitors to the practices. This is done with an abundance of caution to ensure the health and safety of all our patients, healthcare workers and our partners that assist in the delivery of care today and in the future.

The new restrictions are effective until further notice. Few exceptions include:

  • Patients under 18 years of age who require a parent/legal guardian will be permitted (1) one support person
  • Oncology patients who require assistance will be permitted (1) support person

CalvertHealth Medical Group acknowledges that this policy may cause some inconvenience for many patients and their family members; however, patient safety and the overall health of the community is the health system’s primary concern.

To support this effort, all visitors will be screened upon arrival. Visitors with a fever or cough will not be permitted.

COVID-19 Primary Care Scheduling Appointments Notice

CalvertHealth is taking the appropriate steps to protect the safety of our patients, community and caregivers. For your convenience, telemedicine visits are now being offered Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.. If you are experiencing a fever or symptoms of respiratory infection, such as cough or difficulty breathing, or had exposure to a COVID-19 patient, please contact our office at 410.414.2778 so we can assist you with recommendations and arrange a virtual visit or in-office appointment, if indicated. Visitor restrictions are in place and entrance to primary care offices is unavailable after 1 p.m. Please do not come to the office for any reason without calling ahead. After clinic hours, please call the on-call provider or call ahead to urgent care before visiting.

The COVID-19 Vaccine:

At CalvertHealth, your health and safety is our top priority. Information about the vaccine is rapidly changing and you may have a lot of questions about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, as well as how you can obtain a vaccine. We want to provide you with information to make an informed decision. Although there are many reasons to get the vaccine, the most compelling is that it could protect you and those around you from this life-threatening virus.

Even after you are vaccinated, you will still need to practice other precautions like wearing a mask, social distancing, handwashing and other hygiene measures until public health officials say otherwise.

New Information Regarding the Johnson & Johnson Vaccine: Updated 4.13.21
You may have seen in recent news that the FDA and CDC have called for an immediate pause on the use of the single-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine. The pause occurred on Monday, April 12 after discovering six cases in the United States of a rare and severe type of blood clot that developed within 6-13 days after the vaccine was administered in these patients. The six cases reported were among more than 6.8 million doses administered all occurred among women between the ages of 18-48. The FDA is investigating these rare blood clots (less than 1 in 1,000,000 people) associated with this one particular vaccine. Blood clots have not been seen with the Moderna or Pfizer vaccines.

These adverse events appear to be extremely rare, but if you received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine you should be aware of what symptoms to look for and actions to take should you experience the onset of symptoms. The CDC is recommending that any individual who has received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine and has a severe headache, abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath within three weeks of receiving the vaccine immediately contact their healthcare provider.

Which vaccine is the best? Should I wait to be offered a certain vaccine?
Getting vaccinated with the first vaccine available to you will help protect all of us from COVID-19. With the FDA authorized emergency use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on February 28, those who wish to get vaccinated now have three excellent options for doing so. This third safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine comes at a potentially pivotal time. CDC’s latest data suggest that recent declines in COVID-19 cases may be stalling and potentially leveling off at still very high numbers. That is why it is so critical that we remain vigilant and consistently take all of the mitigation steps we know work to stop the spread of COVID-19 (masking, social distancing, limiting the size of gatherings) while we work toward mass vaccination. Having different types of vaccines available for use, especially ones with different dosing recommendations and storage and handling requirements, can offer more options and flexibility for the public, jurisdictions and vaccine providers.

When can I be vaccinated?
The decision about the priority order of vaccine distribution is being coordinated by the Maryland Department of Health. For more information on Maryland's phased approach to vaccination, click here.

How will I know when it’s my turn?
You may be contacted by your Primary Care Provider or the Calvert County Health Department when it is time to be vaccinated. Please ensure you check your email often. Additionally, the Calvert County Health Department has launched an online pre-registration form for any Calvert County residents who wish to receive a COVID-19 vaccination. You may pre-register online at: https://www.calvertcountymd.gov/vaccine. Residents are strongly encouraged to use the online pre-registration form for COVID vaccinations.

Where can I get vaccinated?
Vaccines are offered through local health departments, mass vaccination sties and pharmacies. Here is a list of helpful tips and resources to help you in your effort to get vaccinated

Who can I call if I have questions about the vaccine?
The Calvert County Health Department has set up a call center to assist residents without internet access who wish to pre-register for vaccination. For questions or assistance, residents may call 410-535-0218, Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. The state of Maryland also has a help line you can call by dialing 855-MDG-OVAX.


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