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Primary Care is your first point of contact for any health or medical issue. Whether a physician or nurse practitioner, primary care providers offer comprehensive health screening and care for the whole person. Their role is to be your advocate in achieving and maintaining good health.

At CalvertHealth Primary Care, our providers are specialists in family medicine and are trained to diagnose, treat and manage a wide range of medical conditions for every member of the family – babies, children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Our providers are there for you when you need preventative healthcare such as physical exams, women’s health screenings, and management of chronic illness or disease and when you need acute care for flu or injury.
CalvertHealth Urgent Care
When you need care on nights and weekends, you have access to CalvertHealth Urgent Care.

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Our Services

CalvertHealth Primary Care offers a broad scope of services:

Preventive Health Care
  • Adult and geriatric medicine
  • Annual Physical Exams
  • Immunizations and flu vaccinations
  • Health Screenings
  • Work Physicals
  • Cancer Screenings
  • Lifestyle Promotion
  • Patient Educational Materials
Chronic Illness Management
  • Diabetes Management
  • Hypertension
  • Allergies
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Fibromyalgia
  • High Cholesterol
  • Asthma
  • Depression
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Weight Management and Obesity
  • Dtap
  • Dtap/IPV Kinrix
  • Dtap/IPV/Hepatitis B Pediarix
  • IPV
  • HIB
  • Pediatric Hepatitis B
  • Adult Hepatitis B
  • Pediatric Hepatitis A
  • Adult Hepatitis A
  • Tdap
  • Adult td
  • Meningitis (Menactra, Menveo) this is not Meningitis B
  • Pneumovax
  • Prevnar 13
  • MMR
  • Varicella
  • MMRV Proquad
  • HPV Gardasil 9
  • Rotavirus
  • Influenza
Women's Health
  • Well Woman exams
  • PAP Screenings
  • Breast Health Screenings
  • Birth Control and family planning
Newborn and Pediatric Health
  • Well-baby exams
  • Well-child exams
  • School, camp and sports physicals
  • Adolescent medicine
Acute Care
  • Flu, Virus
  • Stomach Problems
  • Common Cough and Cold
  • Sinus Infection
  • Sore Throat
  • Skin Rashes and Dermatitis
  • Sprains and Strains
Work Physicals
  • DOT
  • Employer
Our offices offer on-site phlebotomy (blood drawing) and laboratory services.

As part of CalvertHealth Medical Group, our primary care providers also have direct access to our network of specialty providers who are trained to diagnose and treat more complicated conditions that require specialized care.

Make An Appointment

Same-day sick visits are always available, and many of our offices offer early morning, extended evening and weekend hours.

We offer centralized scheduling for our primary care offices.

To schedule an appointment with a primary care provider in one of these offices, please call the number below.

Make an appointment: 410-414-APPT (2778)

Locations & Hours

Dunkirk Medical Building
10845 Town Center Blvd.
Suite 102
Dunkirk, MD 20754

: 410-414-2778
Office: 410-535-5660
Fax: 410-535-5722

M-F: 8:15 a.m. – 4:15p.m.
Every other Monday: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

I. Monet Ouwinga, MD
11845 H. G. Trueman Road
Lusby, MD 20657

Appointments: 410-414-2778
Office: 410-326-6344
Fax: 410-326-0079

M-W: 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Th: 7:15 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.
F:8:30 a.m. – 4:15 p.m.

Charles W. Bennett, MD
Kimberly Cook, CRNP
Keyonna Proctor, DO
Prince Frederick
Medical Office Building
110 Hospital Road
Suite 111
Prince Frederick, MD 20678

Appointments: 410-414-2778
Office: 410-535-4488
Fax: 410-535-6131

M-W: 7 a.m.-5 p.m.
Th: 7:30 a.m.-5 p.m.
F: 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.
3 Saturdays per month: 8 a.m.-1 p.m.

Sylvia Batong, MD
J. Michael Brooks, MD
Michelle Folsom, MD
Christy McPheeters, CRNP
Lacy Pitman, CRNP
Solomons Medical Center
14090 H.G. Trueman Road
Suite 2100
Solomons, MD 20688

Appointments: 410-414-2778
Office: 410-394-3712
Fax: 410-394-3714

M: 7:15 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
T, W: 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Th: 9:00 a.m. - noon
F: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

Kimberly Cook, CRNP
M. Novella Papino-Higgs, MD
Keyonna Proctor, DO
Twin Beaches
Twin Beaches Community Health Center
8924 Chesapeake Avenue
North Beach, MD 20714

Appointments: 410-414-2778
Office: 410-257-7279
Fax: 410-257-4311

M-F: 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Every other Monday: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Melissa Stoner, MD

Our Providers

Sylvia Batong, MD

CalvertHealth Primary Care Prince Frederick

Sylvia Batong, MD is board-certified in Family Medicine and has experience in both primary care and urgent care. She earned her medical degree from New York Medical College and did her internship and residency in family medicine at Dewitt Army Hospital in Fort Belvoir, VA.

Dr. Batong’s interest in medicine started in her teens. “First, I watched my grandmother deal with cancer. Then I read an article in Life Magazine about the life of a country doctor in the Midwest and the way his work was entwined in the life of his community. I put the two together and knew what I wanted to do and who I wanted to be.”

After residency, Dr. Batong served out her military service commitment as a Family Physician at Fox Army Hospital in Huntsville AL, including a 6 week Tropical medicine course followed by a 6 month tour in Honduras.

Upon completion of her military service, she moved to Calvert County to raise her family and work in private practice. She left private practice in 2008 to join Johns Hopkins Community Physicians in Charles County, while continuing to work in Calvert County in CMH’s Urgent Care Centers.

Dr. Batong has demonstrated commitment to community throughout her life. She was a US Peace Corps Volunteer in the Philippines for two years, working in the Health and Community Development Program. She volunteered one day a week in the schools her children attended throughout their elementary school years, as well as with the Girl Scouts. She even coached soccer while her children were growing up. “Being part of a community is an essential piece of being a family doctor. That’s one of the reasons I love Calvert County, and why I am thrilled to be part of CalvertHealth Primary Care and the CalvertHealth system – we are a community based system serving the health needs of our community in a holistic way. It can’t get better than that!”

As a doctor of family medicine, Dr. Batong enjoys working with patients of all ages. “I love the days when I see a couple in their eighties and then an 18-month old baby. I can also be very direct and am good at reading people. I can tell when someone is hemming and hawing, that there is something delicate but important that they want to say. I just tell them, ‘I am your doctor. You can’t shock me. Just tell me.’ Then they give a sigh of relief or a chuckle and tell me what is bothering them.”


Charles W. Bennett, MD

CalvertHealth Primary Care Lusby

Dr. Charles W. Bennett went to medical school at the University of Maryland in Baltimore and completed his residency at the Franklin Square Hospital, also in Baltimore. He is board-certified in family medicine.

Dr. Bennett is a life-long resident of Lusby and has practiced family medicine here for over 30 years. “As I grew up in Lusby, my brother, my parents and my grandparents all went to our one family doctor. He delivered me, took out my tonsils and took care of all of us – even the family dog in a pinch!“

And while Dr. Bennett doesn’t treat the family pet, he takes pride in being able to help everyone else.  His patients include multiple generations of the same family. “As a family doctor, I expect to be able to address 90% of any patient’s healthcare needs over 100% of their lifetime. In the 10% of cases that require a specialist, I stay involved in the treatment plan and follow up. You are still my patient, regardless of what specialty care you need.“

Dr. Bennett’s residency training included a rotation in shock trauma, which he found fascinating but left him missing the human connection. “I really wanted to get to know my patients over a longer period of time.  It’s not in my nature to treat someone for a broken leg and not see them after it’s been set.

“On my first day of medical school, one of my professors quoted Dr. Francis Weld Peabody, a 19th century physician and teacher at Harvard Medical School: ‘the secret of the care of the patient is in caring for the patient’. I still subscribe to that philosophy today. I truly do care about and for my patients.”

J. Michael Brooks, MD

CalvertHealth Primary Care Prince Frederick

Dr. Brooks is board-certified in Family Medicine and has been practicing medicine in Calvert County since 1990.  He joined Calvert Family Practice Associates after completing his military service and merged that practice with Calvert Physician Associates in 2015.

“I came to Calvert County for the same reasons many people do – this is a great place to raise a family. Good schools, lots of outdoor activities, the sense of community. The proximity to DC , Annapolis and Baltimore was an extra bonus!”

“I had a wonderful opportunity to join a great medical practice and I was impressed with the Calvert Health System and organization. It was an easy decision.”

Dr. Brooks views his relationship with his patients as a partnership where both sides are working toward a common goal. “My job is to help keep my patients out of my office and out of the hospital. I want to get to know them and help them achieve optimum health, not just see them when they are sick.”

In addition to working with CPA as a practicing physician, Dr. Brooks is also CPAs Medical Director and serves as the Vice President of Medical Affairs for Calvert Memorial Hospital.

“Taking on more administrative roles with CPA and the hospital really allows me to be an advocate for all patients and work toward my goal of patient health on a larger scale.



Kimberly Cook, FNP-C

CalvertHealth Primary Care Lusby, Solomons

Kimberly Cook, Certified Family Nurse Practitioner, has been in healthcare for over 30 years. She started her career as a Licensed Practical Nurse at St. Mary’s Hospital in Leonardtown, and quickly advanced to earn her Associated Degree in Nursing, her Bachelor of Science in Nursing and ultimately earned her Master of Science, Family Nurse Practitioner certification in 2004. Prior to joining CalvertHealth Primary Care, she was at the Hollywood Medical Center in Hollywood, MD.

“I always knew I wanted to go into nursing. I’m the oldest of four, so nurturing is something that just comes naturally to me. And once I started, it was easier to just chip away at higher and higher degrees. I am done with my training now, which makes my husband very happy!”

Kim’s early experience was in geriatrics, something she still loves. She expanded to the entire family as she moved up in her training. “I’m in family practice now so I enjoy a wide variety of patients. Young women especially tend to flock to me…I think I’m a little more laid back, so they feel very comfortable with me. I do still love working with older people, though, as well as young people, middle-aged people – basically the whole family.”

Kim works with her patients to help them lead healthier lifestyles and, whenever possible, eliminate medications. “I’m not going to push, but I do encourage my patients to make healthy choices. Sometimes people just need to hear that having a sausage burrito for breakfast every day might not be the best choice they can make, especially if they are diabetic or have high blood pressure.  It’s all a balancing act.”

Michelle Folsom, MD

CalvertHealth Primary Care Prince Frederick

Dr. Michelle Folsom is board-certified in family medicine and has a particular interest in women’s health, anxiety and depression disorders and pediatric and adolescent health.  A native of Clinton, Maryland, Dr. Folsom decided to come to Calvert after completing her Internship and Residency at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia because of our sense of community and focus on family.

“I always knew I wanted to be a doctor and decided early in my training that I wanted to be a family medicine physician. I also knew that I wanted to work in a family oriented community. Calvert is a great place for me. I am close to my family; I met my husband here and we have started our own family here. And in Calvert we have plenty of room for all the four-legged members of our family!”

Dr. Folsom enjoys working with her patients toward a mutually agreed set of goals for their health. “To me, it’s about developing a plan that gets them healthier, preferably without medication. Sometimes the meds are necessary to get the patient healthy and keep them out of the hospital. But sometimes a little tweaking of a diet or the addition of some relaxation techniques can minimize future risks better than a pill. I see as much success with physical therapy, for example, as I do with pain meds, and without all the potential side effects.”

In addition to her work with Calvert Primary Care, Dr. Folsom is on the board of Calvert Healthcare Solutions and sits on the hospital’s Baby Friendly Council.

Christine McPheeters, CRNP

CalvertHealth Primary Care Prince Frederick

Christy McPheeters is a Certified Family Nurse Practitioner with a passion for family medicine and the management of chronic diseases. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Nursing – Registered Nurse degree from the University of Alaska Anchorage, Anchorage, AK and her Master of Science in Nursing – Family Nurse Practitioner from the University of Cincinnati in Cincinnati, OH.  She is certified by the Maryland Board of Nursing as a Nurse Practitioner.

Christy developed her interest in medicine and her passion for chronic disease management at a very young age. “My mother was a very brittle type 1 diabetic and is now a double transplant recipient, so when I was young I always knew I wanted to go into medicine. I saw firsthand the care she required, and still needs today and that made a huge impression on me.

“At first I thought I would be a doctor, but moving around as a military spouse made that difficult, so I decided to go into nursing instead. Now I know that was the best decision for me.” She is planning to pursue a doctorate in nursing practice (DNP) as well to complete her medical training. “As a nurse practitioner, and ultimately a DNP I can provide a full range of service to my patients. What’s important is that, as an NP or DNP, I can develop an ongoing relationship with my patients and provide them the level of care they all deserve while helping them live healthy lives.”

After tours in Alaska and Arizona, Christy and her family were stationed in Maryland in 2006 and have lived in Calvert County since 2013. They are not expected to be transferred again and are happy to make Calvert her home. “Growing up in Alaska, we are very outdoorsy people, and love being close to the water and the cliffs and everything else this county has to offer.”

Christy sees patients of all ages and specializes in the management of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol. 

I. Monet Ouwinga, MD

CalvertHealth Primary Care Dunkirk

I.Monet Ouwinga, MD, is Board Certified in Family Medicine with specialized training in Obstetrics and Maternal Child Health.  Dr. Ouwinga earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Adelphi University in Garden City, NY and went on to receive her medical degree from the Medical University of the Americas in Nevis, West Indies.

Dr. Ouwinga did her residency in Family Medicine at Loyola University Medical Center, Cook County-Loyola-Provident in Chicago, IL and was Chief Resident from 2010 to 2011. She went on to complete a Fellowship in Maternal Child Health at PCC Wellness West Suburban Hospital in Oak Park, IL.

Becoming a physician was always her dream from the time she was a small child growing up in New York, and Family Medicine has become her passion. As a Family Physician, Dr. Ouwinga wants to help people get to the root cause of their health issues, not just treat symptoms.  Her goal is to help her patients get and stay healthy.

Dr. Ouwinga has a special interest in working with adolescents and teens.  She enjoys being a mentor to young people and finds her non-judgmental attitude helps them open up to her, making it easier discuss their health and their lifestyles – and how one affects the other.

A native New Yorker, Dr. Ouwinga and her husband chose Calvert County for its sense of community, excellent school system and proximity to both nature and culture. “We wanted a place to raise our children and ultimately retire. In Calvert, my husband gets his Bonsai greenhouse and I’m close enough to New York for my family to visit – occasionally!”

In addition to her work with Calvert Primary Care, Dr. Ouwinga regularly participates in international medical missions, providing obstetrics, gynecological and well-baby care in developing countries. She is a course director and instructor for Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics certification and a guest speaker throughout the county on health topics affecting children and adults.

Dr. Ouwinga is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians and the National Medical Association. She is fluent in Spanish and welcome patients of any age, nationality and sexual orientation.

Maria Novella Papino-Higgs, MD

CalvertHealth Primary Care Solomons

Dr. M. Novella Papino-Higgs is board certified in family medicine and has been in practice in the US since 2010. She obtained her medical degree from the Universita Di Genova in Italy in 2001 and completed her training at the VCU-affiliated Bon Secours St. Francis family medicine residency program in Midlothian, Virginia in 2010.

Dr. Papino bases her philosophy of medicine on the family doctors she grew up with in her small home town in Italy. The town doctor was a neighbor and friend who you saw in the markets, walking in the square, in church and at your dinner table on Sundays. He cared for your babies and your children, treating their colds, scrapes and bruises and managed your chronic diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure.

He was also there to be your wake-up call when bad habits started to affect your health. “Our town doctor was the one who told my father when he really had to address his weight – and even got him running! I believe he is the reason my father is now in his 80s and living a happy and vigorous life! That’s the doctor I strive to be.”

Dr. Papino works with her patients to develop effective coping skills to deal with the stress that is inherent in our lives today. Stress can manifest in many ways – anxiety, depression, sadness, acute illness and chronic disease – so finding ways to manage it is critical to maintaining good health.

“My father used to tell me that ignorance is your enemy and knowledge is your best friend, and I try to instill that in my patients when it comes to their health.  I want to prevent them getting sick, and the only way to do that is to teach them how to be healthy. And to have a really good laugh every day! That really is the best medicine!”

Dr. Papino and her family live in Solomons, which reminds her of the small village where she grew up on the coast of Italy. “A pharmacy, a dentist, a doctor, an ice cream shoppe – all within walking distance and on the water.  It’s perfect!”

Lacy Pitman, CRNP

CalvertHealth Primary Care Prince Frederick

Lacy Pitman, Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner, provides primary care for patients of all ages. She began her career as a Lieutenant and Registered Nurse in the US Navy and, over her 30 plus year career has developed a passion for helping her patients live long and healthy lives.

Lacy works hard to improve the outcomes for patients with chronic health conditions, such as diabetes and asthma. She engages her patients to understand their illness and together they develop a plan to improve their overall health and minimize their reliance on medications.

“As a Nurse Practitioner, my relationship with my patients is a partnership. It is important that my patients are involved in their care – so I listen to their concerns and work with them to develop a plan to take better care of themselves.”

Lacy received her Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) from St. Mary’s College in Notre Dame, IN, and earned her Masters of Nursing (MN), Family Nurse Practitioner from Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, OR. She is licensed by the Maryland Board of Nursing as a Registered Family Nurse Practitioner and is a member of the American Academy of Nurse Practitioners and the Maryland Academy of Advanced Practice Clinicians.

In addition to her work with patients, Lacy is a preceptor for nurse practitioner students, serving as their mentor, teacher and instructor as they hone their skills while preparing for certification. She is a frequent speaker throughout the community, covering such topics as Women’s Health and Immunization. She is a past president of the Maryland Coalition of Nurse Practitioners and is an active, elected member of Calvert Physician Associates’ governing council. She has won numerous awards in the community for her outstanding customer service in primary care and women’s health.

Lacy is Board-Certified and licensed to treat, prescribe, order and interpret tests and lab work. As a Nurse Practitioner, she is your first point of contact for the diagnosis and treatment of any medical condition and your partner in achieving and maintaining good health.

Keyonna Proctor, DO

CalvertHealth Primary Care Lusby and Solomons

Keyonna Proctor, DO, is board certified by both the American Board of Family Medicine and the American Osteopathic Board of Family Physicians. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Maryland, Eastern Shore and her medical degree from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey, School of Osteopathic Medicine. Dr. Proctor completed her residency in Family Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC) in Altoona, PA.

Dr. Proctor has had an interest in medicine since she was a young child. “At the age of around 7, I put a stethoscope on my aunt’s pregnant belly to listen to the movements of the little person that would be my cousin. I’ve found the human body fascinating ever since.”

Dr. Proctor chose Osteopathic Medicine over traditional medical training because it looks at the whole person and takes a very hands-on approach to assessing and understanding a patient’s health. “I learn by touch and feel, so the entire philosophy of osteopathic medicine resonated with me. I also liked that it focuses on maintaining health and preventing disease rather than waiting for the person to become ill and then treating the illness.”

When choosing her specialty, Dr. Proctor toyed with obstetrics but ultimately decided to specialize in family medicine in order to work with a wide variety of patients and conditions. “With family medicine I was able to see such a variety of patients, from pediatrics to geriatrics and everything in between. I like the idea of being able to do a little bit of everything and building a relationship with the patient hroughout their life”.

Both native Marylanders, Dr. Proctor and her husband decided to move back to the area after their respective medical training to be close to family. “We grew up in the Annapolis area and both our families still live in Anne Arundel, so we really wanted to come here to start our careers.” Her husband is a chiropractor who practices in Montgomery County. “After 4 years in New Jersey and 3 in Pennsylvania, it feels good to be home.”

Dr. Proctor sees patients of all ages and has a particular interest in the management of chronic diseases such as diabetes and hypertension, as well as specialized gynecologic techniques including IUD and NexPlanon insertions. She is happy to discuss the use of osteopathic manipulative therapies with her patients as well.

From the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine: “Osteopathic medicine provides all of the benefits of modern medicine including prescription drugs, surgery, and the use of technology to diagnose disease and evaluate injury. It also offers the added benefit of hands-on diagnosis and treatment through a system of therapy known as osteopathic manipulative medicine. Osteopathic medicine emphasizes helping

Melissa Stoner, MD

CalvertHealth Primary Care Twin Beaches

Melissa Stoner, MD provides comprehensive health screening and care for every member of the family. Dr. Stoner received her medical degree from Georgetown School of Medicine and did her residency at Georgetown/Providence Family Medicine Residency, both in Washington, DC. She also received her Bachelors of Science degree in Biology from Georgetown University. She is board-certified in Family Medicine.

Dr. Stoner knew from a very young age that she wanted to become a doctor. “It started at a 5th grade Career Day event, when this smart, beautiful woman stood up and told us about being a doctor. I was mesmerized. She was an OB/GYN, which, at the age of 11 meant nothing to me, but I felt her passion and decided right then and there that I would become a doctor.”

In medical school, Dr. Stoner resonated with family medicine because it treats the whole person and focuses on preventative care as much as curative care. “My job as a family physician is to be my patients’ advocate for achieving and maintaining good health. I’m not there to judge or preach, or condone bad behavior. I am there to help them understand their options for treating existing conditions and provide guidance on how to build a healthy lifestyle.

Prior to joining CalvertHealth Primary Care, Dr. Stoner worked in Urgent Care and Primary Care for five years. There, she had the opportunity to work with patients of every age, race, marital status and sexual orientation. “I really enjoy being able to help a wide variety of patients. All that really matters to me is that they are honest with me. Tell me the truth – good or bad – I can work with that.”