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CalvertHealth Hematology & Oncology

At CalvertHealth Hematology and Oncology, we are dedicated to the health and well-being of all our patients. We diagnose and treat blood disorders (hematology) and a wide range of cancers (oncology). Our treatment plans are customized to the individual patient and take advantage of the latest technologies and research for both diagnosis and treatment. We partner with your primary care provider and participate with a multidisciplinary team of specialist providers so we are always ready to deliver the most appropriate care options for you and your specific condition.


Hematology is the diagnosis and treatment of a wide range of blood and bleeding disorders, from various anemias to a range of lymphomas. In addition, our hematologists provide treatments for blood clotting disorders, bleeding disorders, leukemias, benign hematologic conditions, hemophilia, multiple myeloma, white blood cell disorders and much more.


Medical Oncology is the diagnosis and treatment of various cancers, including breast, bladder, lung, prostate, and colorectal. Your medical oncologist will coordinate and oversee your treatment plan based on the type and stage of cancer and your personal preferences.

Your treatment plan may include pharmacotherapy such as chemotherapy, immuno and hormonal therapies and targeted therapy, which blocks the growth of cancer cells by interfering with specific targeted molecules needed for tumor growth. Surgery and radiation therapy may also be an integral part of your treatment plan, and your oncologist will coordinate with other providers at CalvertHealth Medical Center and/or other area medical centers to develop and deliver your specific treatment plan.

All our providers are part of the multidisciplinary team of cancer care providers and participate in our weekly tumor boards where we assess each patient’s specific diagnosis and, as a team, develop the most appropriate treatment plan for each individual patient. The team includes specialists in medical oncology, specialist surgery (breast, thoracic, colorectal, general, plastic), pulmonology, gynecology, urology, urogynecology, radiation oncology and interventional radiology. We also work closely with a team of oncology nurse navigators who are specially trained to help patients through the process of managing their care.

Light Infusion Center

To help ensure high quality patient care in a timely manner and provide a comfortable environment for our patients, CalvertHealth Hematology and Oncology has built a dedicated infusion center that offers several immuno and chemo therapies, iron infusion and other supportive treatments. This center is only available to our patients and is adjacent to our offices in the Medical Office Building. Patients also have access to the main infusion center at CHMC for procedures that require longer duration infusions or more.

Our Providers

Kenneth L. Abbott, MD, FACS

Dr. Kenneth Abbott decided to be a doctor in the sixth grade, motivated by the incredible advances in organ transplant technology that medicine was experiencing at the time. He chose hematology and oncology during rotations in medical school. “I was always interested in chemistry, so hematology, which is directly related to the chemistry of the blood system, was very intriguing. What drew me to oncology was the comprehensive level of patient care I saw in the oncologists who were my teachers; they were my best role models for the kind of doctor I wanted to be.”

Dr. Abbott has seen significant gains in the treatment of cancer in the past 25 years. “Remarkable progress has been made in treatment options for so many cancers. More and more we see patients living longer and with a much better quality of life after a cancer diagnosis. We hear the words ‘I had cancer’, not ‘I have cancer’, much more frequently now.”

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is life altering for any patient, and having the opportunity to work closely with his patients in developing their care plan is an honor for Dr. Abbott. “More than any other area of medicine, oncology requires a close partnership between the patient and the provider. I feel privileged and humbled to have that relationship with every one of my patients.”

Bilal Ahmed, MD

Dr. Bilal Ahmed’s strong academic background represents an important addition to the clinical team at Calvert Memorial Hospital. He completed his residency at the University of Texas Health Science Center in Houston, which is affiliated with the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Widely respected as one of the premier cancer centers, in 2011 it earned the No. 1 spot in U.S News & World Report’s annual rankings for the best hospitals in cancer care.

He went on to complete his specialty training at The James Cancer Hospital and Research Institute at Ohio State University. During his fellowship there, he participated in numerous research projects and was highly regarded by his peers for his work. Additionally, he wrote chapters for two textbooks. One was on the comprehensive management of head and neck tumors that he wrote along with the top experts in the field at MD Anderson Cancer Center. The second chapter was on gastrointestinal cancers with the experts at Yale School of Medicine.

Dr. Ahmed said he spends a lot of time talking with his patients and their families explaining what the different stages mean, the treatment process step-by-step and details about their various options. "I believe that well-informed patients make well-informed choices," he said. "I encourage them to ask questions and to be actively involved in all areas of their treatment."

Arati C. Patel, MD

Dr. Arati C. Patel is a board-certified medical oncologist who has been treating hematology and oncology patients in Calvert County since 2003. Dr. Patel has been instrumental in establishing the Sheldon E. Goldberg Center for Breast Care, and is currently the Medical Oncology Director of the Center. She continues to see all patients in the Calvert Hematology and Oncology practice, with a concentration in caring for the breast oncology patient. She also actively participates in CMH’s cancer tumor boards and cancer committee.

Dr. Patel takes an integrated and holistic approach to patient care when developing their treatment plans. "It’s a very commonly used term, but it is paramount to oncology care. Integrating various therapeutic strategies to address the whole patient – medically, physically, socially and emotionally – results in a much more successful and less harmful outcome.” In addition, she helps patients set realistic health goals by encouraging them to work on their nutrition, physical fitness and stress reduction, resulting in fuller quality of life and better survivorship.

Dr. Patel regularly undertakes advanced training in cancer detection and treatment in order to provide her patients with the most advanced diagnostic and treatment modalities available. She also helps to develop community outreach activities that are focused on prevention and early detection.

Sandra Cassell-Corbin, CRNP

Board-certified oncology nurse practitioner Sandra Cassell-Corbin has over 22 years experience in a broad range of clinical settings. For the last 15 years, she has worked in Appalachia establishing cancer programs for underserved populations. She also set up the first nurse practitioner-based cancer survivorship clinic in the country through a community partnership with the Lance Armstrong Foundation Center for Excellence program.

Ms. Cassell-Corbin obtained her nursing degree from the State University of New York in Syracuse and completed her graduate degree at Community General Hospital and Syracuse University in New York. She went on to complete an intensive course in cancer risk assessment at the City of Hope sponsored by the National Cancer Institute. She also worked with the Cancer Genetics Department at The James Cancer Center at Ohio State for two years following her coursework.

Ms. Cassell-Corbin is especially helpful in developing and implementing survivorship plans for patients with all types of cancer. Additionally, she assists in triaging, seeing patients on an urgent basis and providing follow-up care.